Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Screamer Alarm (L4D2 MAP)Cancelled

Screamer Alarm was a cancelled map that i would made on November,19,2009 for getting ready to make a map.

The players are starting in the rooftop of a building.It is blackout.The players will go downstairs with flashlights.Then there is a Witch crying in a bedroom.You need to find Witch.After Witch,you will go out of the bedroom and Boomer.There is a Spitter.You will ignore the Spitter.Then a Screamer shouts.Screamer is in the rooftop.The zombies will come.Then go out the building and you will see few zombies.But Screamer is on.You will run and shoot the zombies.Until you reach the Horde Starter or Generator.To reach the Generator.You must go to the Sewers.And you see a door.Until Witch crying.On the Room,Witch is in it.So you will kill Witch.Then a Screamer will Shout.Zombies.After that,You will go up to the stairs and you will see a door.Go in the door.Then you reach again to the Downtown.Blackout.You will see the elevator.Be ready.Start the elevator.and then survive until the elevator comes.And then get inside the elevator.After that there is a room go on it.In the room you will start the generator.
You will wait for the lights to on.The saferoom is near.Just get out of the Building. Screamer says Scream. Run.And you will see a building.Go on the saferoom.The saferoom is in that building.
Get ready.Boomer is near the exit door.Shove the Boomer.Open.Run!Get up in the truck.Then Screamer.Killing Zombies.Go near the bench and kill the Wandering Witch.After that,Get up in the bridge.And Wait to stop the bridge going up.

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